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“This TCP has quite a temper, but it can't be helped in a show like this. I certainly can't blame them, considering my own proximity to the Gauntlet…”

ID: S081
Type: Charismatic Tiger/Creative, Tail anomaly (2 extra)
Category: Creature (Hybrid)
Pronouns: They/Them
Height: 8 inches
Ability: Any works of art Twain creates serve as territory markers. These markers, when placed, will discourage others from entering their territory while also inspiring others to create art of their own. Twain is also frequently inspired to create works of art themself.
Physical Appearance: Twain is a gray TCP, with a thick blue mane, orange ears, and orange wavy stripes going down its body. The top of its head, its stomach, paws and feet are all blue. They have three thick, bushy tails with multicolored stripes, and eye spots with orange stars. They possess five marks around their eyes, two of which are blue and three of which are black. Twain often wears a pullover sweatshirt with multicolored stars on the front, and is often covered in paint in some way. They also wear overalls occasionally, and own Dropdead merch they don't actually plan to wear.
Voice: Layered growling
Skin: Soft and furry (medium length fur)
Fluid: Standard Fluid
Special Attributes: None
History: Twain was a forced hybrid to try tame an aggressive tiger type and a… broken creative type, but they lack memory of that. They bounce around places, chasing a good story and trying to make some sort of a mark where they go. They long for some sort of stability, but seek adventure and hate staying stationary anywhere. Planning is not their strong point. Before the Gauntlet, Twain was running a semi-successful news article series, but was fired when they got on the show. They do not know exactly what they will do after Gauntlet.
Personality: Twain's art and creations come first to them over anything. They do not have the best social skills in groups without some sort of purpose, but relax in one on one situations. Rather than talking Twain will often ask to interview people, or at least ask to take notes. They are very observant, often making notes and speculations about what is going on, who is friends with who, and what someone's motivations may be, to the point where it is almost a game. They are blunt and honest, and would rather tell you a tale about adventures on other planets than lie to you about even the simplest of things. Twain can be somewhat moody, although that has calmed down greatly since their hybridization. They don't consider their own safety very often, and pick fights they can't handle. They get restless being in one place too long, which is why they usually travel.
Other Notes: Twain is highly distressed by the fact they can't sing, dance, or act as that is a creative medium.


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