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Pop-Up Book Type

“Pop up books are a whimsical book sub type, most commonly appreciated by children and those young at heart. Some of my specimens are more accepting of this societal view than others…”

ID: 0354
Type: Pop-Up Book
Category: Form
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Pop-up book types can sacrifice health to turn any object into a pop-up book. These books typically only have one page, that page unfolding into a picture of said object, but if an object needs to be shown from multiple angles or in different forms, there may be additional pictures. Living beings changed into pop-up books are still conscious, aware of the transformation, and can open and close at will. Depending on how their picture unfolds, they may even be able to move various parts of their body in small 'action features'.
Physical Appearance: Pop-up book types appear similar to a book with legs at first glance, but inside the book is a folding paper model of the upper half of a TCP's torso, complete with arms and a head. There are no pages other than the one with the torso inside.
Voice: Soft thumping.
Skin: Rigid sheets of felt.
Fluid: No fluid, but the firm paper inside the pop-up book type shares the same purpose.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Subtype of Book.

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