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Name: Dysthanasia
Pronouns: They/He
Age: Immortal, ????
Species: High God (Type C Collective)
Domains: Creativity and Survival
Motifs: Slime and Lineart
Height: 8'9
Home Zone: Hearth

Dysthanasia is a high god that currently features in no projects, but exists within the Morbit canon. They are also part of a Type C collective, and are thus functionally part of a multiple system. On a meta level, they serve as Ringor Mortis' godsona, and are a common stand-in for them during community roleplay events.

They lack the complete control over their domains that a high god is known to have due to a lack of followers, and mainly have passive abilities in the form of spontaneous (and intrusive) idea generation both internally and in external form, as well as being able to survive lethal blows and situations that would typically result in their death. They theorize that this is the only reason why they are alive despite the complete lack of people knowing of their presence as a god, and have likened it to “hanging on by a thread.”

Dysthanasia is completely made out of slime, and is theoretically able to change their form into anything they wish due to their slime motif. However, due to the lack of control over their powers, they are barely able to do changes outside of short term shifting, and only in small amounts. Their lineart motif manifests in the form of their hair and a visible lineart outline, which they pass off as “a new body mod, trust me, you'll see it on the market soon”. They also use their lineart motif to manifest clothes that easily wrap around their body in a cinch, letting them save on money and not have to worry about needing to wash anything later.

Project Appearances


Dysthanasia is not sure how they came to be, but was not placed on the planet in the original wave of high gods. They decided not to make their presence as a high god known upon realizing their status as one, thus leading to a life of chronic illness and fatigue as a result of having no believers/knowledge in their existence as a deity, along with a lack of high god-level control in their abilities.

They currently live in a low income apartment in Hearth, and make their living on digital art.


Dysthanasia is an easily exhausted but very determined person, and despite their god-related illnesses, never gives up if they can help it. They do not reach out to people easily, but are typically friendly in their online interactions with others, and are usually willing to share their ideas with people who are willing to hear them. They can be frustrated at times with the rate and intensity that ideas flow into their mind, and can be overwhelmed by the severity of their illness as well, but relying on the other members of their collective to pick up the slack (when they can bring themself to) has helped them in the past.

Dysthanasia is a very big fan of virtual pet sites, and plays them constantly- especially Wattplants.



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