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Rhino Beetle Type

“Another being not quite from our world…I have seen similar insectoid people, but never a specific creature like this…”

ID: 0470
Type: Rhino Beetle
Category: Creature
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: FLIP OUT

Rhino beetle types seem to be able to flip objects into the air by getting their horns under it and lifting their head upwards. The weight of the object appears to be temporarily reduced for the purposes of the flip, returning to normal as soon as it breaks contact with the horn. This allows rhino beetle types to flip objects twice their size with relative ease. They still have their limits, though, as testing with large barbell weights proved too much for our specimens.
Physical Appearance: Rhino beetle types have two large horns on the front of their face, one above the other. Their torso is covered in a sturdy exoskeleton, and two plates on their back can open to reveal a pair of wings. They have colored eyespots and small round earnubs.
Voice: Screechy hissing.
Skin: Smooth, hard carapace.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Rhino beetle types prefer environments with fresh air, preferably outdoors or spacious homes. Rhino beetle types enjoy physical activity, especially if they involve competition with others. Rhino beetles are social TCPs, and particularly enjoy the company of others they can compete with. Their food type leanings include fruits, nectars, and saps. The wings on a rhino beetle type are very fragile, and care must be taken not to tear them.

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