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Turtle Sandbox Type

“Data pending.”

ID: 0951
Type: Turtle Sandbox
Category: Storage
Height: 2.5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (8)
Ability: Data pending.
Physical Appearance: Turtle Sandbox types have a wide round shape. They have two arms and two legs. They have round, cartoony eyespots and rounded earnubs that sit on their wide, rounded head. Turtle Sandbox types have huge smiles that communicate that they are meant to be your friend. The majority of their body is a large round bowl, filled with sand and paneled with irregular polygons. They have a small nubby tail that sits opposite their head.
Voice: Sand scraping and resonant plastic banging.
Skin: Hard, textured plastic, sometimes well worn as if from frequent use.
Fluid: Soft, damp sand.
Special Attributes: Turtle Sandbox types are my special little boys, I love them so much they are perfect in every way. - J.R. Pattern
Other Notes: Data pending.

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