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Treat Bucket Type

“Treat bucket types often have to treat their food type entourage right, considering the informal, but somewhat contractual, nature of their partnerships.”

ID: 1029
Type: Treat Bucket
Category: Storage
Height: 7 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Unlike most group types, treat bucket types spawn alone. However, they can recruit food-type TCPs into their group if all parties agree to do so. Once a food-type TCP is part of the group, they gain access to an extradimensional space within the treat bucket type, as well as a gradual healing effect while within this realm. All food types recruited this way retain their normal abilities with only a slight change in appearance. Any TCP can choose to leave the group at any time, but their appearance will revert to normal and they will lose access to the treat bucket type's pocket dimension. The treat bucket type itself can also choose to forcibly remove members from the group.

Treat bucket types spawned in a session will still spawn alone, but can recruit any food-type TCP from their own team or from other teams. The god responsible for a treat bucket type does not have any decision-making power in this process, nor do the gods responsible for any other TCPs.
Physical Appearance: Treat bucket types are short, round TCPs with bodies that resemble a pumpkin. The top of their head has a hole in it, revealing that their entire torso is hollow. They have inset eyespots and a jagged mouth resembling a mock carving, and they have small pointed earnubs with a plastic handle between them.
Voice: Hollow clattering and rattling.
Skin: Hard plastic.
Fluid: Standard fluid, only present in arms and legs
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Included in the image are some examples of typical TCPs a treat bucket type may choose to recruit.

Treat bucket types tend to gravitate towards dark, spooky environments- though they seem most at home when additional artificial lighting is present. They are a very social typing that enjoys activities with others, especially ones involving large gatherings and exploration. Much to the worries of the treats they recruit, they seem to gravitate to candy-based food type products…though they aren't especially picky. An influx of treat bucket types seems to be most common on Darkest Night, regardless of where exactly they spawn.

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