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Bank Type

“The beings within storage type pocket dimensions seem to function as “NPCs”, and are a part of the TCP's consciousness…while most storage types I interview seem to have no recollection or control of their NPCs' interactions with visitors, that is not always the case…”

ID: 0378
Type: Bank
Category: Storage
Height: 9 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Bank types have a pocket dimension inside them in which there is a lobby with a teller in it, and a large vault that can store any form of currency. Other TCPs may only enter and exit the pocket dimension if they are intent on making a deposit or a withdrawal. The vault will automatically sort any currency stored in it by the name of whoever owns it.
Physical Appearance: Bank types are large, building-shaped TCPs with six pillars surrounding a small doorway with steps leading up to it. There are two eyespots on the central pillars and pointed earnubs on the roof.
Voice: Large thunks and jingling noises.
Skin: Smooth plaster and marble.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Bank types favor orderly and bureaucratic environments, and often find themselves living in communities with what some would consider excessive rules. They aren't very physically active but enjoy having long discussions and often embed themselves in fierce discourse. Bank types are social but very exclusive with their friendships. They naturally gravitate towards those of considerable means and this fixation can sometimes appear to be schmoozing or “gold-digging”. Bank types appreciate the finer foods and favor caviar, sushi, and other wealthy foods.

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