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Derry Smiles

Name: Derry Smiles
Pronouns: It/He
Age: Immortal through demonhood- frozen mental age of around 22, Body age of 70 (Maybequest), 90 (Universal Constants)
Species: Maned Karacel (Body), Horse Pinitelle (Headspace)
Height: 5'1 (Body), 5'5 (Headspace)
Home Zone: Consumption

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult and abuse of a sexual, physical, psychological and ritual nature. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Derry Smiles is a member of the Smiles System taking on the form of a horse pinitelle in headspace, however its physical body is that of a maned karacel. It features in the Punch Clock Animal series of projects and comes from Consumption.

As with every other member of the Smiles system, its shared physical body lacks a right arm and ears as a result of ritual mutilation, with weight fluctuating between “skinny” to “emaciated” depending on how well-fed it can get itself. The horns on its head are drilled into its skull, and are unremovable through normal means. Due to the removal of its ears, he has difficulty pinpointing the direction of sounds, especially if soft or whispered. Due to the way Morbitian Common works, it can also have difficulty understanding meanings of words if unfamiliar with the person he's speaking to, something that is generally amplified in modern day by Derry's constant dissociation.

Derry does not have a preference for external clothing, and does not typically wear clothing in headspace. This does not appear to be a conscious choice on Derry's part, and when asked, it will often reply that it isn't allowed to have them. When fronting in the physical body, its eyes are often visually stylized as round, tiny dots. It is unknown whether this stylization is actually apparent to outside observers in canon, or is just a way to indicate who's fronting to readers.

Derry is capable of fighting in headspace due to its stronger pinitelle body, but is prone to shattering under extreme stress. As with any other pinitelle, it can reform and heal when deliberately put back together, but is often left to its own devices until headspace puts it back together like any other member of the system. When fighting in its shared external body, it is far less capable, and often gives up fighting quickly in favor of dissociating through whatever assault is occurring. While it is just as capable of using scraps as the others due to demonhood, it does not understand how, and does not reach for them consciously.

Derry is touch starved to a fault, and will sometimes seek out affection, even from those it shouldn't.

Project Appearances

2023/03/03 10:44Pichi Moonrain




Derry is a kind but disoriented person prone to fits of dissociation and detachment from reality, far more than any of the other members of the Smiles System. It means well in all of its actions and very seldomly means harm to anyone, but its self destructive nature brings harm to not only itself but, frequently, everyone else in the system- thus earning it more than a little bit of a bad reputation. It is often looked down on and compared to a child for both its impulsive and destructive behavior and its tendency to gravitate towards familiar comfort objects, something that upsets it greatly and causes it to self isolate. It desperately wants to be taken seriously and treated as the adult that it is, and wants to experience a life better than the one it currently has.

Derry is prone to self-punishment and seeing itself as “disgusting”, partially due to its own self esteem issues, and partially due to the treatment it's received from other system members and external abusers. It is extremely easy to set this reaction off in Derry, with one of the most common occurrences being Derry inflicting it upon itself while acting on the very impulses it's berating itself for.


Chelsea Smiles

Derry is distressed that Chelsea finds it so uncomfortable to be around, but cannot stop itself from the behaviors that trigger her to stay away. It guilts itself for her discomfort, and often tries to give her space while spying on her life from afar.

Harvey Smiles

Derry is often patronized by Harvey, albeit not intentionally, and feels nervous around her as a result. It's never quite sure what to say around her.

Bazil Smiles

Derry and Bazil are constantly at odds, though Derry does not return Bazil's intense hatred so much as intense fear of him. Derry is constantly terrorized by the pockitt in headspace, especially after its self destructive episodes, and the two are prone to getting into frequent verbal and physical fights. It is insulted for being “childish” often, and any attempts to get the two to get along have been in vain.

This section contains implications of sexual and psychological abuse, victim blaming, and mentions a character's triggers. These implications are kept brief and non-explicit. You can click to reveal its contents.

Amber Smiles

Derry is frequently entertained by Amber's knowledge of the external world, but that's as far as their relationship goes.


Derry does not get along particularly well with the system snakes, and is often tormented by them.


Derry does not get along particularly well with the system snakes, and is often tormented by them.

Lina Smiles

Derry and Lina are awkward around each other, with Derry being prone to making comments about Lina's status as a merged system member more than they'd like.

Pheles Smiles

Derry and Pheles do not interact frequently.


This section contains mentions of sexual abuse and victim blaming. Click to reveal contents.

Bucket Judgment

Derry has been watching Chelsea's relationship with Bucket from afar for some time, and has a distinct curiosity about them. It finds them very kind and wants to get to know them, but does not consider itself worthy of their presence in some ways, and is generally flattered (and confused) by the idea that they want to be its friend.


Derry is afraid of Matthias, and especially doesn't like the way that he's able to get into their head as a system.

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