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Abyss Type

“It appears that while abyss types cannot create an initial drop, it does not take much for their ability to qualify. Even a small divet in the ground can be turned into an abyss…”

ID: 0492
Type: Abyss
Category: Nature
Height: 9 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Abyss types can sacrifice health to make vertical drops deeper and darker. No light will penetrate spaces that abyss types have altered.
Physical Appearance: Abyss types are wide and strong, covered in dripping shadow. They have small curved earnubs and large eyespots with slit pupils. Abyss types have two arms and two legs. Their legs pool around them slightly.
Voice: Hissing whispers.
Skin: Solid, semi-firm shadow.
Fluid: Solid, semi-firm shadow.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Abyss types often gravitate towards dark and enclosed spaces, especially those in the dark. Their inherent nature as a nature type of darkness means they experience no discomfort or disorientation in any darkness, no matter its depth. They are very private and insular TCPs and tend to keep their hearts close to their chest, though winning the trust of one can earn you a long-time friend. Abyss types tend to find careers enhancing sets for experiences and film and stage production; often creating depths within haunted houses and enhancing shadows on film. In a minority of abyss types, this has evolved into a fascination with lighting and stagecraft. Oddly, Abyss types tend to be drawn to jiggly foods, such as gelatin, macaroni, and cheese. Many of them find the motion of the food mesmerizing. It is a rumor among abyss types that there is a dark place in the world they are all drawn to, a sort of final abyss, some claim it is underground, others underwater, but this fable appears to have been invented whole-cloth by abyss types collectively.

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