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Tide Pool Type

“Some tide pool types enjoy collecting and interacting with various forms of sea life, while others can't stand the thought of a living thing floating in their fluid.”

ID: 0988
Type: Tide Pool
Category: Nature
Height: 1 inch externally, 4 inches internally
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Tide pool types can create miniature tide pools and can slightly manipulate existing tide pools around them. Smaller tasks will not cost any health, but the larger the task, the greater the cost.
Physical Appearance: Tide pool types appear as a large, flat circle of stones filled with seawater-esque fluid. This fluid drips down on either side of the circle, forming arms, and a pair of stones underneath the circle serve as legs. This TCP is extradimensional in nature, as the pool inside of the stones is deeper than the TCP is tall. Inside the pool is a variety of stones and mock sea life, including moss, starfish, and small crabs. Although the items the TCP spawns with are nonliving imitations, they can be removed and replaced with real sealife. An invisible force holds the seawater inside the pool, and it is difficult to remove, even when the TCP is flipped over. Two shiny stones in the center of the pool act as eyespots, and two pointed stones around the edge act as earnubs.
Voice: Soft splashing and bubbling.
Skin: Rough, moss-covered stone.
Fluid: Seawater with imitation sea life floating inside.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Data pending.

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