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Vessel Type

“Removing a soul from a vessel type is seemingly impossible, though our scientists have certainly tried…it appears that they become fused to the body upon being placed, even upon opening the TCP back up for extraction.”

ID: 0688
Type: Vessel
Category: Storage
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Vessel types can store souls and act as a permanent body for them, the vessel type becoming a part of the soul's headspace.
Physical Appearance: Vessel types have a standard, unassuming shape, and appearance. They have large, empty eyespots and simple, curved earnubs. Vessel types have two arms and two legs. A long split runs down the center of their body, starting under the head.
Voice: Hollow whistling until inhabited.
Skin: Standard.
Fluid: None, until inhabited.
Special Attributes: Voice and fluid takes on an appearance appropriate to the soul housed alongside the vessel types own. Vessel Types can see and communicate with disembodied souls.
Other Notes: Vessel types can be enigmatic, and for the longest time, it was assumed that they did not favor a specific environment until first inhabited. However, further study has gleaned that vessel types enjoy locations with high levels of lost souls, such as abandoned or haunted places. Once inhabited, Vessel types will often find careers within the field that their new headmate once worked in, if they were once employed, and enjoy working alongside their headmate(s) and helping them do the things they love again. Vessel types are often misrepresented as an anti-social typing, as many others do not have the relationships they do with disembodied souls. Vessel types are actually quite friendly, and can often talk for hours on end, relaying the stories they've heard from the lives of local souls. Vessel types tend not to have a preference for particular food types until inhabited and will adopt the favored foods of their fellow souls. Some vessel types consider themselves incomplete until they start having other souls inhabit their bodies, though this is more a product of the vessel type community interacting with the communities of disembodied souls that live out there, as many disembodied souls seek to return to a state where they can interact with the world in meaningful ways.

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