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Name: Angels
Creator: ???
Home Zone: Any
Project Appearances: Masa Con Papas

Angels are strange entities that roam the surface of Morbit, emerging at seemingly random times and places only to not be seen again for years, if at all. Each one looks like nothing like each other or anything else on the planet, making their only commonality their powers, their inexplicability, and the havoc they wreak upon wherever they appear.


The vast majority of an angel's power and danger comes from one thing: their ability to cross between different timelines and iterations of Morbit. While studying the fundamental nature of reality is generally quite difficult, it is known that Morbit exists in a multitude of different versions, each one different in some way from the others, usually due to a key historical event turning out differently. It is quite common for individuals to exist in multiple timelines, living out their lives in similar, but not quite the same fashions.
This is not the case with angels. All angels only exist in single timeline, and moreover, they can leave that timeline and move to a different one. If they never return to the original reality, then they will appear to have vanished completely from that world. They have a high level of control over this power, to the point of being able to form permanent connections between different timelines, swap a person's soul with their alternate counterparts, or remove them from any timeline altogether. Despite this precision however, angels tend to indiscriminately use their powers on places and people around them, generally with devastating effects. It is not known why they do this.

Angels are immune in most cases to being directly affected by the powers of gods.


No one knows. No god has ever created an angel. No one has ever witnessed an angel being born, though such events appear sometimes in folklore and artistic depictions. Angels have, as far as anyone knows, simply always existed.


Angels are very rare creatures, with most people never seeing one in their lifetimes, which would seemingly imply the chances of two meeting and interacting to be even lower. It is unknown if this is true, and what occurs in the event it does happen. But while angels themselves might not have a culture, they have had a significant impact on the culture of the many regular species of Morbit.

The first generation of constructs in the Plaza region were originally created to “kill things which shouldn't exist”, referring to angels. They were designed to be soulless fighting robots, able to defend in case of an angel attack without being corrupted or split across timelines. Said scenario never came into play, and the constructs ended up developing a sense of identity and consciousness, leading to large changes in Plaza and Morbit society as a whole.

When the rare effort to study an Angels is actually attempted, it is more commonly done by witches compared to other scholarly professions, owing to their general willingness to persist for the sake of knowledge in the face of extreme danger.

Throughout the history of Morbit, there have been a few exceptionally rare cases where someone has successfully killed an angel, but very little is known about these events, as the slayer would be reluctant to spread the word for fear of retaliation from other angels.


Angels have an extreme variety in their appearances, but in almost all cases they give the impression of a patchwork of organic and inorganic pieces that seems like it should snap in a dozen places under its own weight, but doesn't. Some parts might vaguely resemble an ordinary species or object found on Morbit, but such protrusions are always incomplete, merging back into the chaotic mass unfinished. Despite this, there is a slight pattern to an angel's appearance, one of the few discovered facts about the creatures: The more invested an angel is in some place, person or thing on Morbit, the more ordinary it will look.


Like most things about angels, it is unknown whether they even have some kind of internal structure inside their bodies.

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