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TCPs are small, feline-like beings that inhabit the world of Morbit, infesting the planet as the most common sapient species and irritating many of the world's gods in the process. They are innately curious creatures that come in an infinite number of types- based on any noun outside of proper nouns and copyrighted material. They are a completely open species that stars in multiple projects, most of which being interactive comics. This bestiary serves as a reference to the types discovered by the official Homebrew Deviants team, and is always growing!


Entry Key

Type: The type of the TCP.
Category: The category the TCP falls into.
Height: The TCP's height, in inches.
Ability: The TCP's ability.
Ability Changes: Variations in a TCP's ability that a condition or modifier inflicts.
Physical Appearance: The TCP's physical appearance and attributes.
Physical Changes: Variations in a TCP's appearance that a condition or modifier inflicts.
Voice: The sound a TCP uses for its vocalizations. TCPs do not speak in words, only abstract vocalizations that are somehow comprehensible as speech.
Skin: The TCP's skin. Standard TCP skin is smooth, rubbery and slightly stretchy.
Fluid: The TCP's fluid, a sort of inner core that keeps the TCP alive. Standard fluid is roughly the same consistency as molasses.
Special Attributes: Noticeable differences in the TCP's biology that are not immediately apparent, such as auras, feelings or personalities.
Mental Changes: Variations in a TCP's special attributes that a condition or modifier inflicts.
Causes: The most likely chain of events leading to a TCP being afflicted with a condition.
Common Sources: The most common causes of a TCP becoming afflicted with a condition.
Effects on Life: How a condition would affect an average TCP's day-to-day life.
Strengths: Advantages to a TCP having a certain modifier.
Weaknesses: Disdvantages to a TCP having a certain modifier.

Recent Updates

April 15, 2019

Added 11 new types: Corpse, Citrus, Lust, Space (Abstract), Fairy Ring, Dog, Cocker Spaniel, Book, Pop-Up Book, Archive, Bookshelf

Added 2 new modifiers: Tasty, Healthy

Added 2 new specimens: Primus, Buddy

25 more adopts available!
April 9, 2019

TCPDex created!

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