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Fruit Stand Type

“While fruit stand types can hold any type of produce, several specimens have reported feelings of discomfort or annoyance when presented with non-fruit entities to store in their bins.”

ID: 0482
Type: Fruit Stand
Category: Storage
Height: 9 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Fruit stand types can store any type of fruit (or vegetable, legume or similar plant-based food) in the three bins on their torso. In addition, they will be able to accept and store payment in a hidden compartment beneath the fruit bins. They may give out their fruit however they please, but most insist on a fair exchange. These TCPs usually spawn with their bins already full of three random types of fruit.
Physical Appearance: Fruit stand types are large, wide TCPs that have a rectangular torso and an additional tarp above it. They have three bins on the top portion of their torso, each typically containing a type of fruit. They have slanted eyespots and sharp wooden struts that resemble earnubs.
Voice: Tumbling and bumping.
Skin: Firm, smooth wood.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: None

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