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Slushie Type

“Our slushie type specimens seem to enjoy changing their flavors dramatically- keeping track of their starting flavors alone is troublesome, let alone when they make themselves into mysterious concoctions.”

ID: 0056
Type: Slushie
Category: Food
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Height: 4.75 inches

Slushie types can break off parts of their body to feed to other TCPs, providing a healing and energizing effect.
Physical Appearance: Slushie types have an average build and proportions, with nondescript, simple limbs. They are entirely made of multi-color slush, with two tones around the hands and feet. There are two streaks extending from the slushie type's downwards slanted eyes, and a chunk missing from the left side of the head. Some floating slush remains around this area, and the remaining earnub is chunky and slightly pointed.
Voice: Slush sloshing.
Skin: Slushie material.
Fluid: Slushie material.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Slushie types vastly prefer cold environments, as warmer environments will make them uncomfortable quickly, and hot environments may even cause damage to their body's stability and movement capabilities. They are not a particularly active type of TCP, and enjoy resting and lazing around. They are highly social, however, and will often group with other TCPs that can handle cold spaces. They prefer sweet, liquid food type products- though, this typing is even more susceptible to flavor changes than other food types, and any matter consumed will change their slush's taste dramatically. Despite their inability to sustain themselves in these environments, many slushie types seem to crave visiting beaches and other summer-focused locales…

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