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Hurricane Type

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ID: 0253
Type: Hurricane
Category: Nature
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

At the sacrifice of health, hurricane types can create miniature hurricanes. They also control the severity of the storms they create.
Physical Appearance: Hurricane types have a standard shape formed from swirling winds, rain, and dark clouds. They have two arms and legs. Around their neck swirls a large collar, akin to a hurricane. They have sharp, curved eyespots and sharp earnubs which appear blown back.
Voice: Pelting sheets of rain and blowing, screaming winds.
Skin: Condensed stormclouds.
Fluid: Water vapor and swirling sheets of rain.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Hurricane types prefer to live by the ocean, but any large body of water helps them feel at home. They like having space to move around, but they will make some for themselves if need be. They're an active type who enjoy running, dancing, and acrobatics, and also enjoy throwing things. This can be very destructive, but that energy can be put into other things, such as darts or horseshoes. They are social but aggressive cats, often underestimating their strength. They are not usually trying to hurt other cats. They seem to either love or hate cats related to the ocean, while the same cats tend to fear them. Their food preferences generally lean towards seafood types, water, and salty foods. Hurricane types have been used to clean and displace large areas of ocean pollution but lack control over how far and where it travels. This is still useful when the size of the pollulated area is more of the issue but is not a solution to the entire issue.

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