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Icicle Type

“Keeping icicle type specimens is a struggle, with even the slightest temperature changes risking trouble. These TCPs can withstand room temperatures with minimal discomfort, but any hotter than that causes issues…”

ID: 0473
Type: Icicle
Category: Nature
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Icicle types can create and control icicles- small tasks do not require any health, but more intense tasks require more health depending on the exact intensity of the task. Icicle types cannot control any ice, only that which has formed into an icicle. Similarly, they may only create ice in spike shapes.
Physical Appearance: Icicle types are small, jagged-looking TCPs with pointed fingers. They appear to have layers of ice going down their body, creating a unique texture. They have curved eyespots and pointed earnubs. Their eyespots are constantly dripping water, giving them the appearance of tears.
Voice: Small cracking noises.
Skin: None
Fluid: The entire TCP is made of ice.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Icicle types require cold environments for optimal health, with no temperature being too cold. Hot environments risk melting the TCP, possibly leading to death. Icicle types prefer not to do activities that could potentially melt them, though many invest time into creative pursuits. Icicle types are solitary. While the surface of icicle types is very slippery, they rarely trip, and have impeccable balance.

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