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Robot Type

“Robot types are inherently aware of their ability, and as such, many will wear a special chestplate to prevent their buttons from being pressed against their will.”

ID: 0051
Type: Robot
Category: Creature
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: EXECUTE

When one of the buttons on their chest is pressed, the robot type will be forced to obey the next spoken command it hears from the person who activated it. However, the robot type still has full control over its actions so long as it is technically following the orders given to it. Depending on the way the order is phrased, the robot type may even have some freedom to act in defiance of the order. For instance, a particularly cheeky robot type that's been told to “give someone a dollar” may go and collect 100 pennies just for the sheer inconvenience. Once the command is fulfilled, the robot type will return to its normal state.
Physical Appearance: Robot types have box-shaped heads with large eyespots, pointed earnubs, and a pair of antennae with round tips. Their limbs are covered in layers of metal, and there are two large buttons on their torso which are extremely sensitive to touch.
Voice: Beeps, boops, chirps, and whistles
Skin: Metallic, but still somehow flexible
Fluid: Standard fluid, but completely contained within bundles of wires
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Robot types prefer indoor environments, particularly away from moisture or heat. Robot types prefer activities that test their intellect and skills, and, understandably, prefer not to be ordered around. Robot types are neither social nor asocial, and can fit into most groups. They lean towards solid, dense food type products that do not crumble easily or make a large amount of mess. These TCPs are often involved in discussions over TCP agency and autonomy, and many can be found as advocates and activists.

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