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“Robot types concern me on many levels. As opposed to robotic construct type, robot types take orders unflinchingly, and with no free will to fight back…these are not like the constructs we have grown to accept here, and I worry about the implications of such a thing…”

ID: 0051
Type: Robot
Category: Creature
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: EXECUTE

Upon hearing someone speak its name followed by the word 'execute', robot types will interpret the next phrase they hear from that person as their task, and will attempt to complete it to the best of its ability. Robot types will always take the most logical, direct route to completing a task, and will follow their orders to the letter. This means that one must be careful with their words when giving a robot type a task, as the robot type may misinterpret the command and act wrongly. While performing a task, the robot type's personality is temporarily disabled. As such, it is often very distressing for robot types to be ordered around, and they can even receive mental injury if they are ordered to perform a task that they cannot make sense of.
Physical Appearance: Robot types have box-shaped heads with large eyespots, pointed earnubs, and a pair of antennae with round tips. Their limbs are covered in layers of metal, and there are two large buttons on their torso which are extremely sensitive to touch. These buttons can be used to cancel an order, but will cause the robot type a great deal of discomfort or pain, even more so than normally.
Voice: Beeps, boops, chirps, and whistles
Skin: Metallic, but still somehow flexible
Fluid: Standard fluid, but completely contained within bundles of wires
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Robot types prefer indoor environments. Robot types prefer activities that test their intellect and skills, and enjoy breaks from whatever tasks they are given. Robot types are neither social nor asocial. It is possible to break a robot type's buttons, causing great mental distress and disorientation.

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