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Jersey Devil Type

“Many of my jersey devil types enjoy working with me in particular, preferring my company over that of my coworkers. I asked why once, and they said they don't meet many people that look like they do. I suppose it's a valid comparison to make…”

ID: 0512
Type: Jersey Devil
Category: Creature
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Jersey devil types can emit a high-pitched screech that unnerves and frightens others.
Physical Appearance: Jersey devil types have a skull-like head, a pair of wings on their back, and clawed hands and feet. They have a long tail ending in a spadelike shape, as well as hollow eyespots and tall pointed earnubs.
Voice: Harsh screeching.
Skin: Soft, ragged fur. The skull feels old and dry.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Jersey devil types prefer heavily wooded outdoor environments and have no trouble flying through branches with seeming ease. Some report finding houses to be too confining, and will note any emergency escapes, especially windows and fireplaces. They enjoy fast paced flights and racing other cats, using their knowledge of the environment to hide and create distractions. Many of them also enjoy singing, although their voices tend to be haunting and not really pleasant. While they are solitary naturally, they form very close “families” and often become overwhelmingly protective of who they consider friends. Jersey devil cats tend to prefer meaty food types but have a fondness for seafoods as well. These cats find farmers to be their enemies and will team up to free animals or mess with crops. They view this as harmless pranks, but there have been cases of serious damage attributed to Jersey devil attacks.

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