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Name: Carrie
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: Conditionally immortal due to demonhood, frozen at age 29 (body age is 37)
Species: Warrior Ruffneck/God Hybrid
Home Zone: Hoopla

This article contains mentions of drugs/alcohol.

Carrie is a warrior ruffneck/god hybrid living in Fortune, Hoopla. She is Eastwood's daughter and visibly displays his motifs on her smoke-like hair and neck crystals, as well as her tendency to exhale rainbow smoke. She is conditionally immortal due to demonhood, and works under Eastwood as his assistant in both politics and personal matters.

The following section contains mentions of self harm. Click to reveal content.

Project Appearances


Carrie was born to Eastwood and one of his many one night stands, the latter of which she was adopted by and lived with for the majority of her life. After turning 24, Carrie left home and sought out Eastwood, showing up at his door and insisting on living with him. She helped him clean up his and Wretch's life, and after five years of it, she asserted herself and further insisted that she become his demon. He accepted, and she now uses her new powers to better both of their lives and cause a little mayhem in the fighting ring circuit.


Carrie has a strange combination of a devil may care personality when high and a completely serious personality when sober, taking more from her father than she'd like to admit. She takes getting things done very seriously, and tries not to let anything get in the way of her goals once she has something in mind. While self destructive at times, her drive to achieve overrides this, and her problems with self hatred mainly surface when given time to breathe and think to herself.



Carrie is Eastwood's daughter, and the two of them live together. Carrie also works as his demon, and retains control of his motifs both on her body and in amounts that she carries on her person. She sees him as somewhat bumbling and from an outward perspective, seems dismissive of him. She does care about him however, and wants the best for him, even if it takes a lot of pushing him outside of his comfort zone.

Carrie's Father

Carrie's other father is mostly unknown, and Carrie does not speak of him often. When asked, Carrie simply comments that he was boring and that there's a good reason why she decided to move out without looking back.


Carrie sees Stylo as her mother figure even with her “out of the picture” by the time she moved in with Eastwood. The two have worked together to get Carrie therapy before, even if it hasn't gone well so far. Carrie considers Stylo a trusted person to confide in, and the two visit often.


Carrie hangs out with Wretch sometimes, though not really enough for either of them to consider each other friends.


Carrie and Aster talk on occasion when the latter visits, and they get along well. Carrie is hesitant to trust people who are after her father's heart after seeing the last string of relationship failures (including her own other parent), but gets a good feeling about Aster so far. Their similarity in age was somewhat jarring at first, but they've both chalked it up to god-related nonsense and leave it at that.


Carrie met Pepper in a fighting ring match, only to lose on purpose and break her leg. Pepper was able to call for help, and the two of them have not made contact since that awkward encounter.


Carrie was helped by Sasha after her fight with Pepper, and found them somewhat of a worrywart (partially due to being high out of her mind). All the same, she was grateful for the help, and has their contact information via Stylo.

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