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Trap Type

“Trap type's design appears to be more based on the concept of a trap than any specific kind of trap itself, and is just as dangerous as any of the kinds you can imagine.”

ID: 0452
Type: Trap
Category: Weapon
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: OKAY (4)
Ability: CAUGHT YA'

At the cost of health, trap types can generate simple booby traps either on their body or independent of it. They can willfully activate their embedded types with an additional sacrifice of health.
Physical Appearance: Trap types have a standard shape with a wide, stout build. They have two arms and two legs. Their body is bisected by a large, jagged mouth shaped trap which they can open wide and set. They have markings outlining this divide. Trap types have small, slanted eyespots and stout earnubs.
Voice: Clamping and clicking.
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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