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Cuddle Type

“TCPs are often social creatures, and seeing them express affection towards each other is very common. This typing is especially welcomed in those scenarios, providing they're comfortable with sharing their ability.”

ID: 0890
Type: Cuddle
Category: Abstract
Height: 6.5 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Cuddle types can ascend at the cost of health to amplify the effects of cuddling and similar affection, leading to warm feelings and an overall relaxed atmosphere in most cases. If someone affected by this ability does not enjoy cuddling or the current situation, it can backfire and cause feelings of discomfort, and is to be avoided.
Physical Appearance: Cuddle types have a standard shape with a standard build. They have two arms and two legs. They have abstract eyespots which appear droppy and earnubs that come to a point, extending from the sides of their head. They have markings along their arms and shoulders, on their earnubs and forehead, forming a widow's peak, as well as stripe-like markings resembling socks on their feet.
Voice: Gentle snoring, breathing, and the deep thrum of a relaxed heartbeat.
Skin: Gentle fuzz, often compared to blankets in texture.
Fluid: Soft, warm fluff.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Cuddle types are often most at home in indoor environments, particularly ones with soft textures and cozy spaces available. While the preference to use their ability and lean into their talents is up to the individual, those that do pursue use of their powers take great comfort in caring for others and enhancing their interpersonal experiences. They are typically a very social typing, and many cuddle types are prone to incredible stress when kept in isolation. For their food type diet, cuddle types tend to prefer mild foods, especially when warmed. Some cuddle types do not enjoy being held themselves or extending their abilities to those that do, and tend to veer more towards careers and hobbies relating to their other interests and skills.

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