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Medium Type

“There is often a lot of pressure on medium types due to others' desire to speak to their family or friends. While I understand the desire to reunite with someone lost, please consider the medium type and the effort it takes to maintain such a connection.”

ID: 0264
Type: Medium
Category: Creature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Medium types can allow living beings to speak with the departed, as long as the target knows the departed well. After contact is initiated, the departed soul will temporarily inhabit the medium type's body. As time passes, the medium type will become tired and even begin to lose health, forcing the soul back to its resting place.
Physical Appearance: Medium types have long, flowing robes over their body and covering their hands, with V-shaped stripes on the front. They have a necklace with spherical beads and a large teardrop-shaped crystal in the center. They have elegant curved eyespots and small curved earnubs.
Voice: Distant, ethereal TCP babbling. While making contact with a soul, they will speak in the same voice the soul had in life- which can include speaking in proper words instead of abstract vocalizations.
Skin: Standard skin. The robe feels light and silky.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Medium types are adaptable cats, but when using their ability, they will seek quiet places to keep concentration steady. They tend to be uncomfortable in places related to tragedy, such as dead zones, graveyards, and hospitals. Many will take up yoga and meditation as hobbies, valuing the peace this brings them internally. Some take up writing as a hobby, and recently they have been seen getting involved in true crime communities. They are social and kind, but fairly reserved about their personal lives and shy away from forming long term relationships. They fear losing their friends greatly, which makes any sign of struggle from another cat very distressing. There aren't a lot of food type preferences, but many seem to enjoy fresh fruit, ramen bowls, or burgers. Medium types are actually excellent liars and tend to be able to tell that they are being lied to. This can lead to some pretty intense trust issues, between each other and the more skeptical cat.

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