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Original Type: Basic
“Research notes to follow”

ID: C004
Subtype: Experimental
Physical Changes: The TCP appears partially or completely black- so much so that they almost seem to absorb light completely. In addition, mutations may occur depending on the severity of the exposure. Common mutations include additional eyespots and sharp claws.
Mental Changes: Depending on the severity of the exposure, the TCP may have slight to drastic personality changes, becoming more aggressive and tending to favor dark, enclosed areas more. TCPs usually retain their ability, although sometimes it can be lost during the transformation.
Causes: If a TCP is exposed to horror energy, it will sometimes take on the appearance of a horror- typically inert. The longer or more intense the exposure, the faster the transformation.
Common Sources: Living near horror vents, forced exposure via scientific experiments, voluntary modification, and underground/underwater travel.
Effects on Life: Typically frightening to all around them, horror-exposed TCPs find themselves solitary, society distressed at their very appearance.
Other Notes: None

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