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Fishing Pole Type

“Despite their utility in the fishing field, you'll very rarely find a fishing pole type actually using their ability. The risk of injury is simply too great…”

ID: 0920
Type: Fishing Pole
Category: Weapon
Height: 6.25 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Fishing pole types can expend health to cast their line, the line itself coming from within their bodies. They do not need to expend health to reel the line back in, but it is notably uncomfortable, especially if something pulls on them and potentially causes injury.
Physical Appearance: Fishing pole types have a standard shape and a slim build. They have one arm, the other having been replaced by a long fishing pole, and two legs. They have curved eyespots and round, pointed earnubs. They have markings along their one hand and feet, taking the form of stripes, not unlike that of the stripes on most fishing poles.
Voice: Reel twirling and clicking.
Skin: Hard carbon fibre.
Fluid: Standard fluid with coils of fishing line within.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Fishing pole types are often found residing in dry enclosed spaces, such as cupboards or closets, when they aren't wandering by bodies of water. These TCPs tend to like tasks that involve slow or methodical work, especially anything that lets them work with their hands. They favor spending time with other TCPs while working, though they usually don't speak much when doing so. It is not uncommon to find groupings of fishing pole types sitting together, each working on their own separate hobby. These TCPs enjoy any food that is meaty and wet, especially anything raw. Many fishing pole types choose not to use the fishing pole growing out of them, citing a fear of strong fish pulling too hard and the resulting mess.

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