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Silk Type

“Data pending.”

ID: 0172
Type: Silk
Category: Form
Height: 2.75 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: Data pending.
Physical Appearance: Silk types are small TCPs with long draping earnubs and arms. They have short legs that are slightly folded at the ends, resembling feet. They have long, upwards curving lines for eyespots.
Voice: Silk rustling.
Skin: Textile silk.
Fluid: Gooey, fresh-spun silk.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Silk type cats are best kept away from anything sharp or rough, which leads to many of them requiring being kept inside. This also leads to many of them being treated like they're overly delicate, a trait shared with cats made of things like glass or porcelain. They seek the company of other cats, often living with a group of roommates, but prefer to keep their private life completely private. A silk type living a somewhat double life is not unheard of, a lot of them end up as online negotiators and traders or seeking work where they don't have to show face and be traced. Silk types like fairly plain food, anything sticky, sharp, or wet is completely off limits. If it stains, they must refrain. Silk types enjoy traveling much more than the average cat, and the more adventurous ones will become import and export experts. These cats will wear tears from their time on the road with pride, and silk type cats have a type of specific adoration of “travel scars”. Some other types, practically fabric related cats, seem to think this could lead to dangerous behaviors.

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