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Basic TCP

“Basic TCPs may appear simplistic, but we have much to learn from them…behind their uncomplicated appearances lie many secrets.”

ID: 0001
Type: Basic
Category: Typeless
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: None
Physical Appearance: This TCP is entirely standard, with no markings or features that detract from the norm.
Voice: High, cheerful babbling.
Skin: Standard skin- slightly rubbery.
Fluid: Standard fluid- about the same consistency as molasses.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Basic typeless TCPs are adaptable to most environments, and can adjust to most situations with ease. They are typically curious and investigative upon spawning, and many individuals find themselves in trouble early on in life. They are social by nature and enjoy being with other living things, especially other TCPs that they can relate to. These TCPs do not seem to have any kind of inherent dietary preference, and any inclinations towards different foods is highly individual. While these TCPs may seem incredibly “ordinary” to those used to more strange typings, they are just as much people with preferences and rich lives to live.

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