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Shield Type

“My shield type specimens have incredibly difficult times managing the deviation in their body plans from the average TCP, though their ingenuity surprises me every time. They are adaptable and versatile TCPs, and while I try to remain impartial, I cannot deny that I am proud of how they overcome nearly every challenge I give.”

ID: 0016
Type: Shield
Category: Weapon
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Shield types can sacrifice health to create shields for others. This is done by having the central panel on their chest fall off of their body- this panel forms the shield, and the health is lost as a new one grows in its place.
Physical Appearance: Shield types have oddly shaped torsos with no arms, and a large gash on their head. They have three eyespots, and long sideways earnubs.
Voice: Heavy metallic clanks and thuds.
Skin: Strong metal.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Shield types are adaptable, and can fit into any environment in which they can find accommodations for their lack of arms. While unable to do many activities most other TCPs can, many are resilient in figuring out their own takes on them, and should not be limited past what they specifically prefer. Shield types are primarily solitary, though many do enjoy the company of weapon types that share their experiences. They have no flavor preference towards food type products, but do prefer seem to gravitate towards liquids. Shield types often get engravings and patterns on themselves, especially if they fall into a family group.

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