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Name: Construct
Creator: N/A
Home Zone: Global
Project Appearances: ..A lot?

This article contains a brief + simple SFW reference to reproduction, and mentions of dehumanization and violations of sapience rights.

Constructs span any individual or species created artificially or not by a god - with the exception of unknown entities such as Angels.


While the exact order of production is unknown, some of the first construct 'species' were Fallow's Constructs. Wax funded the creation of many plush/toy based constructs, and Plaza is known for their first generation of constructs having been designed as soulless killing machines to kill 'things that shouldn't exist', or angels, without the risk of corruption or split timelines. This never became necessary, and they gradually developed their own identities and consciousness, changing both Plaza and Morbit as a whole's society. It's extremely illegal to produce constructs for any reason save creating life itself - at least on paper.




Both organic and in-organic constructs exist, requiring - based on model - organic sustenance or a power source to keep themselves going. Artificial Intelligence are also considered synthetic constructs. Depending on their construction, they may be able to reproduce naturally or with help.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Mechanical Constructs


Biological Constructs


"Assembled" Constructs

Fallow's Constructs

Fallow's Constructs, named for their designer, the high god Fallow, are a variety of constructs that are formed using various natural materials shaped around a scrap core. Fallow's constructs were largely crafted by centinels, another of Fallow's species.

Aggregate Constructs


'Vintage' Constructs

“The Rancher” First model, examples: Dotty. The first wave was the only one produced to destroy cosmic horrors, despite the common misperception. Rancher models have thin, simple frames often covered by flowy or baggy outfits to downplay the uncanny look of it. They're famously known for weaponized maws in places that are easy to cover up, making them a popular choice of guard for big events to put guests at ease. Shortly after the second wave of Rancher models found a niche in society, a spin-off model was produced. Most are now enjoying retirement.

“The Tinhead”

“Decoy” Units

“The Brave Boy”

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