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Port Jackson Shark Type

“Port Jackson shark types are an oddity, and are somehow more naturally dangerous than the type they derive from. While shark types' ability is rather sweet, this one poses an innate danger to anyone with a shell.”

ID: 0919
Type: Port Jackson Shark
Category: Creature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Port Jackson shark types are able to deshell mollusks and other shelled creatures just by being near them. This effect cannot be controlled without outside interference, and even shelled TCPs and complexes are at risk (though the larger the target, the longer it takes to deshell).
Physical Appearance: Port Jackson shark types have a standard shape and a sleek build. They have two arms, two legs, and a large, finned tail. They have curved eyespots, earnubs that are slicked and hydrodynamic, and additional fins along their back. They have markings along their entire body, taking the shape of various shapes across their chest, face, gills, and underbelly. Notable, they have a jaw shaped marking under their snout.
Voice: Snarling, growling, and bubbling.
Skin: Rough denticles.
Fluid: Standard fluid, smelling faintly of fish.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Port Jackson shark types prefer aquatic environments, though any area with rocks and access to water will be suitable. They are most active in the dark, and tend to spend their nighttime hours collecting rocks and shells. They are a solitary typing that mainly keeps to themselves, though many have been observed to watch other TCPs to figure out the world around them. They are fond of shellfish and other aquatic-sourced food type products, though mollusks are their absolute favorites. Their ability makes for excellent utility in food processing jobs, leading to easy employment for those who find their place.

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