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Ghost Type

“Ghost types generally enjoy their ability, flying into random rooms and watching as objects float around or fall down randomly.”

ID: 0068
Type: Ghost
Category: Creature
Height: 3 inches.
Max Health: OKAY (4)

Objects around a ghost type will occasionally behave as if they are haunted.
Physical Appearance: Ghost types are small TCPs with a ripply appendage in place of legs. They have a large stripe around the bottom of their torso as well as markings on their earnubs. They have round eyespots and wide earnubs.
Voice: Hollow boos and whooshes.
Skin: Soft, wispy fabric.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: Ghost types can float, but are also extremely susceptible to wind, forced to float away with a strong breeze. They can also phase through objects.
Other Notes: Ghost types can settle into any environment, but tend to gravitate towards abandoned places with plenty of scraps floating around. They make for easy pranksters thanks to their ability, though they have to be sneaky- unlike some other spectral types, they cannot go invisible. Their tolerance for social activity varies- some ghost types are highly social and enjoy being around lots of people, while others prefer to stay on their own. These TCPs typically love sweets and/or meats when it comes to food type preference- some say this is based on whether they're a “friendly” ghost or not- but we've found this claim to be baseless conjecture. Ghost types often set off ghost hunting equipment- even if they're unable to pick up the more standard scrap ghosts.

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