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ID: S101
Type: Omen
Category: Creature
Pronouns: She/It
Height: 7.75 inches
Ability: None.
Physical Appearance: Tansy is a designer omen type with a light indigo body, white markings on her face, belly, hands and feet, and dark blue hair. Her body and hair are covered in yellow star-shaped markings. Her eyespots have white irises and pink pupils.

Tansy's standard outfit consists of a short, pink dress with multiple layers of frills and pink Mary Jane-style shoes.
Voice: Humming and singing.
Skin: Slimy and moist.
Fluid: Slime.
Special Attributes: Designer modifier, nullified ability
History: Tansy is a member of the Felid Factor forums with the username [BEWITCHING_EYES]. She works as a model for Rogue and various other magazines with her friend and phototgrapher, Glycon. Some time prior to the events of FELID_FACTOR, Tansy chose to undergo nullification treatment to remove her ability - she struggles with chronic pain and depression as a result, as well as seemingly unrelated nightmares.

Tansy is a controversial figure on the forums due to her typing as she posts her spare photos there, and she envies her friend Lily's ability to handle online critics. She orders a personally-tailored outfit from Marcel over MessiRoom.
Personality: Data pending.
Other Notes: Major character in FELID_FACTOR. Has a FFRP profile.


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