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Dango Type

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ID: 0933
Type: Dango
Category: Food
Height: 4.5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Dango types can break off parts of their body to feed to other TCPs, providing a healing effect.
Physical Appearance: Dango types have a body consisting of three stacked differently-colored rice cakes with a wooden skewer. They have dot eyespots and short, round earnubs. They have two arms, two legs, and a small smooth slice missing in one of their shoulders.
Voice: Wooden rolling and soft plopping sounds.
Skin: Soft, chewy, and lightly sticky rice cake.
Fluid: Sweet red bean paste.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Dango types prefer cool or temperate environments and enjoy having a view of the outdoors, regardless of where they are. They can be a merry and optimistic type, though are not particularly energetic. They like to observe holiday celebrations by meditating on positive events and sharing kindness with others, sometimes even celebrating particularly 'good days' in this way. They enjoy lighthearted chatting and sharing things with people, including strangers, but do not often go out of their way to form close friendships. Dango types like foods with light sweetness and are easily overwhelmed by foods that are too salty or too sweet. Sometimes by drawing inspiration from the outdoors, they get an urge to improve some specific aspect of themselves, then forget this goal a few days later.

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