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Jackhammer Type

“Jackhammer types are one of the most dangerous typings to have tested with- not for us researchers, but for the TCP itself. Activating its ability where the jackhammer inside itself is turned on can threaten to tear its very body apart if gone on for long enough, and one wonders why it couldn't have been made of a stronger material…”

ID: 0257
Type: Jackhammer
Category: Weapon
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

At the sacrifice of health, jackhammer types can generate jackhammers either on their body or independent of it. They may also sacrifice health to activate any jackhammers on their body.
Physical Appearance: Jackhammer types are wide, stout TCPs with short arms and one leg. They have markings on the tips of their earnubs, hands, and feet and a large jackhammer shaped marking across their chest and hip. This jackhammer marking denotes where a large jackhammer fills the typings internal cavity and connects the three wounds from which portions of a jackhammer extend from. The jackhammer's handles extend from incisions at one shoulder and under the arm on the other side. The third wound is under the hip and it is where the jackhammer's drill bit or hammer extends from, replacing the jackhammer types missing leg. Their eyespots are small and appear furrowed, and their earnubs are long and pointed.
Voice: Uniform, rhythmic hammering, and rocks breaking
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Jackhammer fuel.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Jackhammer types are adaptable but need a lot of space to move around, often having to worry about their drill getting stuck and causing accidental tearing. They do enjoy the act of building and destroying things but will avoid using their ability to do it. This led to many getting into video games, where they can build and destroy elaborate cities without a worry, or interactive art, where taking away and messing with pieces is part of the message. They can be social cats but struggle to keep friends. The feeling of holding others back makes them pull away often. They generally stick with sandwich food type products and things you would find in a lunch box, trading bits and pieces with others happily. Jackhammer type cats often become experts at unconventional medical repairs when a doctor's visit isn't feasible and are very willing to help other cats. When you get hurt often, learning to heal yourself is important.

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