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Twin Type

“Some of my twin type specimens were separated- some due to spawn conditions, others due to life events, and even fewer willingly. To abandon someone so close…one has to wonder the circumstances.”

ID: 0017
Type: Twin
Category: Creature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6) Each

Twin types have an innate awareness of what the other twin is thinking and feeling, to the point where they often coordinate tasks together perfectly and speak in near-perfect unison. When one twin experiences pain, the other experiences a similar amount of pain. If one twin type dies, the second twin type will experience all the physical sensations and emotions the first one feels upon dying, followed by strong emotional distress as the connection between them is severed.

When twin types are spawned in a session, only one twin will spawn. It will be in extreme emotional distress at first, mourning the loss of something it never had. If another TCP manages to become close friends with it and pursue a sibling-like relationship, the ability will apply to them as if they were the TCP's twin. This can also occur with twin types who have lost their twin. It is possible for twin types to have many different twins throughout their lives, but they may only have one at a time.
Physical Appearance: Twin types are not one TCP, but in fact, a pair of TCPs. Both twin types have the same body shape, but have different eyespots and earnubs from one another. In addition, there is a large marking covering half the body- the left half for one twin and the right half for the other.
Voice: Standard TCP babbling- both twins often speak in unison.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Twin types can adapt to any environment with relative ease. Twin types do not seem to have a preference for activities, so long as they can do them together. Twin types are social, but primarily with their twin- this extends to negative interactions as well. These TCPs do not have dietary preferences, but they are prone to sharing food type products between themselves. Twin types can easily synchronize their movements, and many seek out careers in dance or similar pursuits.

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