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Name: Aster
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 37
Species: Shear Centinel
Height: 6'1
Home Zone: Hoopla

Aster is a shear centinel working as a TV show host in Fortune, Hoopla. He has star patterned wool and requires glasses to see, and is fond of warm clothes and casual wear.

Project Appearances


Aster met Eastwood at one of the god's (and Wretch's) parties, and the two hit it off after some (awkward) flirting. They have been in an on and off relationship ever since, and Aster visits the warehouse frequently.


Aster is a matter of fact person who is not afraid to speak his mind, but often hesitates before reaching the point of rudeness. He is someone who performs well in front of a camera and has no issue with public speaking, and finds himself most comfortable in front of a crowd or in a situation with lots of people. Private encounters tend to make him far more nervous, and his anxiety can get the better of him.



Aster is Eastwood's on and off boyfriend, and the two of them go on regular dates both out and inside of their respective homes. They get along for the most part, and any disagreements tend to burn out after a week.


Aster finds Wretch irresponsible, crass, and childish. They don't get along.


Aster gets along well with Carrie, and the two of them seem to enjoy each others' company. Their similarity in age was somewhat jarring at first, but they've both chalked it up to god-related nonsense and leave it at that.

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