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Blanket Type

“Blanket type is one of many examples of how the same concept can be interpreted in different ways. Not only do these blanket types have an entirely different body shape, but their ability is also different.”

ID: 1016
Type: Blanket
Category: Storage
Height: 2 inches at standard idling height, 10 inches from corner to corner
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Blanket types can drape themselves over other TCPs to grant them a soothing and healing effect. This effect works best when the target is completely covered by the blanket type, and will be less effective the less the blanket type covers.
Physical Appearance: Blanket types are large, flat TCPs with a raised lump in the center. This lump bears a pair of dot eyespots, small round earnubs, and a sewn-on patch in one corner.
Voice: Soft rustling and “fwumph” noises.
Skin: Soft, slightly fuzzy fabric.
Fluid: Soft, fluffy cotton. There is no fluid present anywhere except the head.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Blanket types are generally better for indoor environments, and while they can adapt to many climates, colder ones seem to be sought out more. They enjoy cuddling and may professionally seek that out for a career path. Some have also taken up teaching as a career, as their presence can be soothing for the, generally, newer cats taking classes. They're almost always social cats and enjoy finding friends who will take it easy and lounge with them. They do seem to avoid cats with sharper parts, like spikes and claws. They usually like foods that don't have sharp edges or leave residue, and many lean towards comfort foods. Blanket types have occasionally been known to build elaborate forts with chairs and cushions, then drape themselves over it. It's perfect for movie nights with the cats.

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