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Waterfall Type

“Many take nature types to be simple, weak creatures- ones that create flowers and leaves, how silly. The truth of the matter is that these TCPs are forces of nature itself, and there is no other way to put it- waterfall types are powerhouses, given the opportunity.”

ID: 0064
Type: Waterfall
Category: Nature
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Waterfall types can create large amounts of water, with the caveat that it must be flowing or falling downwards. This does not cost health for minor uses, but the cost will increase depending on the size of the task. It is worth noting that the ramp-up begins at a higher point than most nature types, meaning waterfall types can perform slightly larger tasks without losing health.
Physical Appearance: Waterfall types are made up entirely of freshwater, held together by a thin layer of rubbery, transparent skin. The water within them is constantly flowing from their head to their bottom, with a central pillar hidden in the middle of their body drawing the water back up again. The force that drives the water upward is unknown, but it will stop if the TCP dies. Waterfall type TCPs have a standard upper body, with the legs being replaced by a sort of dress made out of crashing water. No water ever actually escapes from their body unless the skin is cut, but the skin is thin enough that it creates a convincing illusion of water crashing against the ground.
Voice: Crashing and bubbling.
Skin: Extremely thin and rubbery.
Fluid: Pure freshwater with a slight colored tint.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Waterfall types prefer outdoor environments with high altitudes and copious bodies of water, but some are fine with indoor lifestyles as long as they are clean and tidy. A common aspect of waterfall type culture seems to be making art out of natural ingredients, such as sticks, rocks, bones, and foliage. They are somewhat solitary in nature, but do enjoy making close friends. They prefer freshwater-centric food type products, along with vegetables and plant-based products. They are very careful not to puncture their outer membrane, as any water that bleeds out comes with crashing force.

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