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Name: Casher
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 45
Species: Stacker Construct
Height: 6'0
Home Zone: Bluster

Casher is a stacker construct working as a chef that features in Incoming Transmission. She is a single mother that works hard every day of her life, and is well respected by the majority of the SS Cascade's crew.

She can separate herself into two halves, and her inner cavity is lined with a soft velvet. She stores her tools inside this cavity, and assures people that it is quite sanitary. No one is entirely sure what happens to the food she eats.

Project Appearances

2023/03/02 23:28Pichi Moonrain




Casher is a motherly person to the entire crew of the Cascade, and takes her job as chef very seriously. Preparing meals for both a crew of highly specialized (and very stressed) professionals along with a few dozen TCPs is a large undertaking, and she plans on doing it right.



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