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Alphabet Soup Type

“An extremely odd choice for a nature typing, especially since it does indeed seem to be made of edible material- for complexes, anyway. TCPs seem unable to consume them, which may be for the best.”

ID: 0651
Type: Alphabet Soup
Category: Nature
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Alphabet soup types can sacrifice health to force letters and writing patterns to appear in nature where they usually would not.
Physical Appearance: Alphabet soup types have a standard body shape and build. The top half of their body resembles a typical TCP, and from their hips down, their body consists of soup broth with alphabet-shaped noodles floating inside. They have dot eyespots and simple, round earnubs.
Voice: Splashing and slapping noises.
Skin: Standard TCP skin and a thin film of soup.
Fluid: Alphabet soup broth with noodles of various shapes.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Alphabet soup types have no particular preferred environments, and can be found in any residential neighborhood. They enjoy all sorts of activities but are partial to singing, dancing, and spelling bees; they can often be found in local dance classes and choirs. Many of them make a living by creating living signs in more nature-aligned communities, forcing advertisements to grow in the veins of a leaf and such. Alphabet soup types are very social and often keep large groups of friends, frequently befriending food types due to their resemblance to them. They prefer soups and other broth-based meals, though are partial to both crackers, such as oyster or animal crackers, and fruity virgin mixed drinks, such as the Whirly Memphis, a drink consisting of a cherry syrup and club soda.

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