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Original Type: Merchant (as a bat type)
“One of our pivotal specimens in discovering this modifier was thought to be a basic type, having spawned with a long, thin marking running down the middle of her body. As the researcher in charge of her care picked her up to show her to their supervisor, the basic type asked them if they “wanted to see something cool.” The researcher replied, “How cool can it be?” and the imposter corpse type showcased her ability on the hand that was holding her.”

ID: M142
Subtype: Advanced
Physical Changes: Imposter TCPs take on physical traits of another TCP typing, such as changes in fluid, shape, size, and appearance. These changes may range from added markings and body parts, to looking like a hybrid of the types, to being visually indistinguishable from the fake type.
Mental Changes: None inherently, but an imposter TCP can be confused or in denial about their “real” typing.
Ability Changes: Generally none; an imposter TCP without any anomalies or other modifiers will have the unmodified ability of their real typing. However, if the imposter TCP's ability relies on a part of their body, and that part is changed or removed by the Imposter modifier, the TCP's ability may be affected.
Strengths: Highly variable depending on the types involved. Physical changes can make an imposter TCP stronger, nimbler, or more visually interesting. For imposter TCPs whose “real” type may be looked down upon by others, the imposter may be able to get away with posing as their “imposter” type as long as their ability is not revealed.
Weaknesses: Imposter TCPs may struggle to be taken seriously by many people in their life. People can be equally skeptical if they claimed to be their “real” type as they may be skeptical if they pretended to be their “imposter” type with an unusual ability. Depending on the magnitude of the modifier and the types in question, the changes to the imposter TCP's body can make movement and manipulation unwieldy.
Other Notes: The imposter TCP's ability is a dead giveaway to distinguish them from hybrids or another type. For example, a spice jar type that can inflict curses on other people is actually an imposter curse type of a spice jar type.

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