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Love Type

“There is a common misconception that love types can make people fall in love- they cannot. They can only intensify existing feelings. If you find yourself stricken by a love type's ability, just remember that it only revealed something that was already there.”

ID: 0231
Type: Love
Category: Abstract
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: GET A ROOM

Love types can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form and intensify any existing feelings of love between two or more targets.
Physical Appearance: Love types have a layered heart-shaped marking on their torso, and additional markings on their hands, feet, cheeks, and ear tips. They have abstract type eyespots with heart-shaped pupils and rounded earnubs.
Voice: Soft TCP babbling.
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Standard fluid, with hearts floating inside.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Love types generally live in areas with lots of people and plenty of space and may even enjoy making their homes into cute photo or date spots for people. They seem to appear more frequently around holidays, and where they live seems to be affected by when they spawned. They enjoy acts of passion, many get very into art and writing as ways to express what they feel. Some love types will become photographers, they love getting to know facts about their subjects to curate the experience, while some chose to go into therapy, as they seem to have a pretty good understanding as to how emotions work, and like being able to help people. Love types are usually very social cats and have a knack for understanding their friends better than their friends themselves do. They do have problems with people wanting to use them to fall in love, or people assuming they're going to be too mushy to be around, and many don't seem to understand that love doesn't always have to be romantic. So while they are generally social cats who are regarded warmly, it does not mean they don't face problems. Love types seem to enjoy food you would give as gifts, especially chocolate type foods and other candies, but most just enjoy things they would technically share. It is important to know that these cats will have strong personal preferences for what they eat, and while it may come off as picky, they just love what they love. When a love type finds something they obsess over, they have an incredibly hard time letting go, and while something like “farming sims” may seem like a harmless hobby, this can quickly lead into addiction territory.

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