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Ice Cream Type

“Ice cream types make use of the same technology that benefits armor types and other armless TCPs- though they have to be mindful of any ice cream melting off of them and gumming up the works.”

ID: 0078
Type: Ice Cream
Category: Food
Height: 4 inches.
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: Data Pending
Physical Appearance: Data pending.
Voice: Sweet sounding babbling.
Skin: Ice cream on head, waffle cone on rest of body.
Fluid: Ice cream, flavor varies.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Ice cream types vastly prefer cold environments, as hot environments can make them melt- causing significant amounts of discomfort. They seem to enjoy finding different toppings to put on their heads, though whether they would be actually good flavor combos is inconsistent. They are a highly social typing that loves to play and converse with others. This typing seems to prefer sweet food type products, though many different flavor preferences have been observed. While melting can occur, the default temperature of an ice cream type is cold, and it requires a very high temperature with consistent temperature to fully melt this typing. Over time, it will regenerate as normal, however.

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