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“While most fight types are decent enough not to use their ability on others, there are a few mischievous ones that should only be near other people when closely supervised.”

ID: 0046
Type: Fight
Category: Abstract
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Fight types can spend health to enter an ascended form. While in this form, they can incite physical conflict between any two individuals they can see. This conflict will last until either the fight type unascends or one person becomes incapacitated. Fight types can also use this ability on themselves should they choose to do so.
Physical Appearance: Fight types are sturdy-looking TCPs with markings on their hands and two stripes on their wrists. They have mischievous-looking eyespots with pupils and large sideways earnubs.

In ascended form, they gain an extra pair of arms and a jagged halo.
Voice: Nasally, rude TCP babbling.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid, with star-shaped chunks inside.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: None

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