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Lugworm Type

“It's usually best for lugworm types to create burrows a good distance away from each other- it tends to destabilize the ground, and arguments tend to arise when one accidentally bursts through the wall of another's burrow…”

ID: 1001
Type: Lugworm Type
Category: Creature
Length: 8 Inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Lugworm types generate a passive aura that influences others around them to burrow into nearby soil, or simply hide under blankets in an indoor environment.
Physical Appearance: Lugworm types have a segmented tube-shaped body with two blunt ends; their head demarked by their pointed earnubs and dot eyespots, and their tail end demarked by the dark markings along those segments. Along the length of their trunk are small appendages that can assist in locomotion, especially when burrowing in granular material, such as sand or vermiculite.
Voice: Soft water squirting noises.
Skin: Moist, mucousy skin.
Fluid: Standard fluid mixed with a considerable amount of sand.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Lugworms favor semi-aquatic environments, especially those on the coast, and often dig burrows and build homes on or near sandy beaches. Lugworm types are low energy, and much prefer activities they can partake in while stationary. While they are fairly social, many lugworm types become incredibly uncomfortable if the lower portions of their bodies are uncovered in view of others, meaning most will tuck themselves into the soil, sand, or even blankets while socializing. Lugworm types love food type products that originate from the sea, favoring food category fish, shellfish, and plankton types.

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