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Engine Type

“My engine type specimens are show offs, to put it bluntly. They excel in most tests given, lifting large objects with relative ease…or each other.”

ID: 0012
Type: Engine
Category: Machine
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Engine types can consume fuel to gain a temporary strength and speed boost. The duration of this boost depends on how well the fuel works- gasoline would work well, and produce a long-lasting boost, but a crumpled piece of paper would only grant a very brief boost.
Physical Appearance: Engine types have a short body, with pointed ear nubs and circular eyespots. They have a small intake hatch on their torso, which they may open up to insert fuel into, and six exhaust pipes stemming from their back. They have striped markings on their face, hands, and feet. Engine types cannot function if their exhaust pipes are blocked, and should water trickle down into the exhaust pipes, they must be emptied of water before being able to function again.
Voice: Low grumbles and revving noises.
Skin: Metallic and warm to the touch.
Fluid: Thick and smoldering, will flare up when fuel is burned. If the engine type has an open wound, fire may flash from it upon consumption of fuel.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Engine types struggle with a balancing act when it comes to environments- they like open spaces, but both require fuel sources and avoid being in areas that are overly flammable. Engine types often times enjoy activities that involve competition. Engine types are primarily social, doing best in small but tight knit groups. These TCPs prefer food type products that are flammable in nature, and especially gravitate towards dry foods. Engine types are heavily valued in the workforce due to their tremendous strength, and have no issue finding jobs.

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