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Citrus Type

“Juice from a citrus type is highly valued in some zones, as is the case with more specific fruits. I would not recommend squeezing one of these TCPs, however…one of my staff had this misfortune of doing so, and says that his eyes still sting weeks later.”

ID: 0008
Type: Citrus
Category: Food
Height: 3 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Citrus types can break off parts of their body and feed it to other TCPs, giving them a healing effect.
Physical Appearance: Citrus types are small, round TCPs with a harmless horizontal cut on their waist. They have large eyespots with pupils and a small droplet of juice in the corner, and round earnubs.
Voice: Squishing and rolling.
Skin: Smooth and sort of wrinkly, like the skin of a citrus fruit.
Fluid: No fluid- the inside of the body is made entirely of fruit.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Citrus types prefer warm, sunny environments, and will shy away from extreme cold as much as possible. These food types seem to enjoy mild physical activities, such as rolling and playing simple games like tag- however, anything that could cause possible extended separation of their halves is avoided entirely. Citrus types are very social, and enjoy living in large colonies. These TCPs gravitate towards other citrus-based food type products, especially if a different flavor than their own- though sour food in general does just as well. Citrus type juice retains the healing ability, thus making it a popular addition to both practical and luxury cooking.

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