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Name: Flexins
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Species Development Thread: Species Development: Flexins

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

Flexins are an inflated, balloon species.


Flexins originate from a currently unknown location where they were created by a currently unknown god.


Flexins are not as prone to illnesses as other species, though some do heal slower than others, and require longer-term patch jobs. These patches can be as simple as duct tape, but many obtain reusable fashion accessories that hold wounds together until they heal, and clean them up for use later.

Flexins enjoy soft beds, and as a general rule, avoid pointy objects and surfaces.

Flexins do not generally require education unless summoned by preteens/teenagers due to their absorption of knowledge, and the summoning ritual required to spawn them is too complicated for young children to grasp. Those who need it however often seek out less formal education due to their species being a fairly recent addition to Morbit.

Flexins are highly adaptable when it comes to housing, so long as their environments are kept safe.

Flexins are not ideal for combat in any way, shape, or form, and ideally, choose to flee.


Flexins are a balloon animal species, and are typically shaped like a “balloon dog”.

Flexins have little to no natural markings, and any natural markings are usually simple stripes or polka dots.

Their voices are squeaks.

They usually have balloon tails.

Flexins do not have hair.

Flexins range from 3’0-5’0 at a“normal” adult height.

Flexins have digitigrade legs and standard arms


Flexins are composed of deceptively flexible and strong balloon-like material, which is extremely resistant to puncturing or damage.

Their internal composition depends on their morph, but most have some degree of gel, fluid, or slime filling.

Flexins typically emote through some sort of internal structure, such as a skull, or drawn on, which animates via unknown means.

Flexins do not consume matter through any known means and seem to subsist off of social interaction alone, much to some individuals’ annoyance.

Their energy levels depend on the energy of the people around them, with parties and high energy social gatherings leading to manic states.

Flexins have balloon ears.

Punctures require quick patches lest the punctured flexin potentially bleeds out, many flexin carry quick patches or material that can act as such, due to this risk.

Flexins are capable of holding things against their hands and manipulating them as if they had fingers, though no one is sure how.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Spawned through specific, consciously done rituals conducted at social gatherings, typically large parties. Spawning a flexin must be done under specific conditions, and the resulting flexin will take on both the theme of the party as their morph and an approximation of the cumulative knowledge of the partygoers. Knowledge itself will be muddled, faces and names will be forgotten and not easy to hold onto, but it’s typically enough for a flexin to enter society upon forming.

A flexin’s age is something they can tell you inherently and is typically the average of all of the ages of the ritual that spawned them’s participants. They live to be 80 years old and hit maturity at age 18-20.

Flexins will often try to fit into the lives of the people they spawned around, with friendly ones making friends at the party they arrived at and ideally making enough connections to secure short term housing.


Flexin morphs are inspired by different party/celebration themes.

Mixed morph flexins exist in the sense that mixed-theme parties can exist, but not through reproduction.

Flexin hybrids do not exist, as they do not reproduce.

Common horror mutations the flexins experience when exposed to horror radiation include; a size increase, energy increase, restlessness, membrane thickening/thinning, internal toxicity, and organic matter development, such as meat, bones, slime, eyes, etc.


Anatomy Model

The anatomy model morph is inspired by spooky and horror-themed parties. They contain a, wildly inaccurate, model skeleton inside their body. They have round eyes with round pupils and jagged teeth. Sometimes they will have cartoony spooky or scary features, like bat wings or horns.

Water Wiggler

The water wiggler morph is inspired by summertime parties. They contain a moderately vicious slime inside their body and often contain small plastic accents, such as fish and stars in the case of the one depicted. They have almond-shaped eyes with round pupils and often have a cat-like mouth. Rarely they will have aquatic animals living within them, though these animals are not truly alive, instead only being a part of the flexin's body.

Dour Demeanor

The dour demeanor morph is inspired by somber events, such as funerals and memorials. They contain empty cavities with flower petals and flower heads inside. They have crescent-shaped eyes with pupils and dripping shapes, resembling tears. They have ears that hang behind them appearing both deflated as well as being evocative of a veil or headpiece. Their tail is similarly deflated, resembling a train. They also have a ruff around their neck, it having the same deflated appearance.

Fancy Feast

The fancy feast morph is inspired by parties where food is exchanged, such as a meal swap or other feast. Instead of being composed of latex, they are composed of food, such as roasted turkey or ham. Though they have no visible cavities, they do have cavities that contain various foods, often stuffing. They have crescent-shaped eyes with no pupils and scalloped mouths.


The terrarium morph is inspired by garden parties. Instead of being composed of latex, they are made of glass. They contain pebbles, succulents, plants, and other items appropriate to terrariums, some even containing what appear to be live bugs. They have round eyes with pupils and no visible mouths.

High Class

The high-class morph is inspired by classy get-togethers, such as tea parties. They contain small balloons, evocative of bubbles. They have almond-shaped eyespots with pupils and eyelashes. They have a small banner around their neck and shoulders, worn like a poncho.



The lovestruck morph is inspired by romantic get-togethers, such as a date or an anniversary. They are made of non-transparent mylar as opposed to transparent latex. They have heart-shaped eyes and a wide, open mouth. They have printed features including paw pads, cheek spots, a heart-shaped mark, as well as paw pads. They have a long tail with a heart on its end and heart-shaped ears.



The winner morph is based on personal accomplishments or prizes, such as a group of friends throwing a party to celebrate a new job, promotion, a contest prize, or even succeeding at a previously-uncertain goal, such as resolutions. These parties are always casual and not “official” or “professional” in nature.

Their body is hollow and they spawn with tied stacks of paper pooling in various cavities of their body. This paper is monetarily worthless and has crude designs based on the accomplishment they are associated with. Their “skin” resembles shiny mylar, and around their entire body is a crinkly film edge. Their face appears simplistic with dot eyes, printed on the outside of their body. They have a “piggy bank” slot on their back; despite appearing to be inflated, this apparent hole on their body doesn't let the air out.

Science Fair

The science fair morph is based on science fairs as well as other intellectual get-togethers, such as conventions as well as presentations. They contain bubbling, fizzing fluid. They have round eyespots with small pupils, that are connected by a line as if they are wearing glasses, and have pointy, toothy mouths. They have a tube that wraps around their body, entering and exiting it, especially at the back of the head.


The snowglobe morph is based on snowball fights as well as other winter get-togethers. They contain snowdrifts and constant snowfall. They have crescent-shaped eyespots and rounded mouths.

"Normal" Flexins

Mutated/Modified Flexins

Flexin Hybrids

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