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Sea Urchin Type

“Sea urchin types can make for surprisingly good artists, especially when many work as a team- although I don't recommend having them work on skin due to how brittle and jagged their spines can be.”

ID: 0982
Type: Sea Urchin
Category: Creature
Height: 4 inches.
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Whenever a sea urchin type cuts a person or object with their spines, the area around the cut is stained with a vivid dye, often matching the color of the sea urchin type's fluid. Though the appearance and effect is similar to getting sea urchin type fluid spilled on the area, this ability does not drain any fluid at all from the sea urchin type.
Physical Appearance: Sea Urchin types have a round shape and build, and are completely covered in sharp spines. They have two arms, consisting of sharp spines and two legs. They have dot eyespots and no earnubs that are distinguishable from their spines.
Voice: Scraping and scratching.
Skin: Hard shell-like plates covered in spines.
Fluid: Standard with a distinctly fishy smell. It also tends to stain skin and clothing much more easily.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Sea urchin types vastly prefer aquatic environments, and enjoy living on the seafloor most of all. They are fairly sedentary and do not get up to a lot of physical activity, but they seem to enjoy playing games and consuming media from aquatic zones that allows them to be nice and cozy underwater. Their low energy levels can lead to them not making friends easily, but they enjoy having close friendships. Their favorite food type products tend to be based in algae or shellfish, but any aquatic product will do. These TCPs' fluid can be harvested for specialized inks, and does very well on the art market.

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