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Portal Type

“These TCPs are often mischievous in nature, placing their portals in places such as the bottoms of aquariums, inside ventilation ducts, or if they're feeling particularly rowdy, one on the ceiling and the other on the floor directly below it.”

ID: 0619
Type: Portal
Category: Nature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Portal types can create and control portals at the cost of health. Unlike most nature-types, there is no task small enough that it will avoid the health cost- the reality-warping nature of a portal type's ability automatically inflicts a health cost. The cost will scale with the size and distance between the portals, and they can dismiss their portals for free at any time, unless a solid object is halfway through them. It is possible to 'hold a portal open' by sticking a limb or a rod through it.

Portal types always create portals in pairs, with one portal leading to the other one and vice versa. They may create portals in any open area they can see, and can use their own body as a portal, which saves them some health cost.
Physical Appearance: Portal types are wide TCPs with a gaping hole in their head and torso, their inner fluid visible around the edges. They have pointed earnubs and two spheres floating in the empty space where their eyespots should be. Their skin is semitransparent, which allows their glowing fluid to shine through.
Voice: Liquid-y whooshing noises.
Skin: Standard skin. It feels warm to the touch.
Fluid: Glowing ectoplasm-like material.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: None

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